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Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

  • Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce
  • Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce
  • Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce
  • Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

Summit 116-12 Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, 8-Ounce

CA$ 86.00 CA$ 51.60 Save: CA$ 34.40
CA$ 51.60 CA$ 86.00 You save: CA$ 34.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Quick acting formula
  • EPA registered in all 50 states
  • Available in an 8 oz size
  • Quick kill mosquito bits
  • Environmentally sound biological mosquito control
  • Kills mosquitoes fast, within 24 hours
  • EPA registered in all 50 states; weighs 8-ounce
  • Sprinkle in any standing water
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Customer Reviews

Exactly As PromisedI have a very small pond I made recently in a flowerbed in my backyard. If I had to compare it to the capacity of standard tank sizes, I'd guesstimate 15-20 gallons give or take (see pic, I took it after I finished it). It was infested with mosquito larvae and I had something on order for almost two weeks that canceled at the last minute. At this point, it was very bad and they looked like they were soon going to finally do their thing and turn into mosquitoes. I came across this out of my remaining options and thought it would be my best shot. Sure enough, it worked flawlessly. Judging by the usage amount on the back, I decided all I needed was 6 (SIX) of the granules. I checked back the next day and it was completely rid of of the larvae. There was barely so much a carcass that I could see. It stayed that way for a couple of weeks until we got a TON of rain that washed away a lot of the treated water. I saw just a few new larvae again so I put just 2 granules in and of course gone the next day. It's been a few more weeks and still nothing so it definitely does it's job with both killing and preventing. If that's all I need each time than this thing is going to last me a very long time. Also to my delight, it didn't harm the snails I have either which was another thing that drew me to choose the product. It promised not to harm other living things and it didn't. I'd recommend this stuff too anyone. 5It works for meWe have a puddle that forms under our deck. We can't actually get to it to get a mosquito dunk into it though. I was able to pour these granules between the boards and keep the mosquitos from breeding in that pool. We noticed a huge drop in mosquitos around our deck after I used this.These seem to work pretty good on the mosquitos we have in Maryland at least. 5It works. It takes a little time, but it works!I purchased a new plant and brought it home and, unbeknownst to me, it had those pesky fungus gnats. Within a week all of my house plants were infested and there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of fungus gnats, in my house. Yuck. They nearly killed my peace lily in less than 10 days. They pulled so many nutrients from the plant. It was seriously struggling. I have had to trim so many leaves/stems off of it.I purchased these mosquito bits after looking for a natural way to treat my plants. I am very pleased that I did. It took about 1.5 months of treating my plants but the fungus gnats were less and less after each treatment. These things work.What I did: I sprinkled the bits on the soil each time I watered my plants. I typically water once a week but with the fungus gnats I allowed the soil to dry out a little more in between watering to deter the adults from laying their eggs there. I also think allowing the soil to dry some harms the larvae already in the soil. Each time you water, sprinkle the top of the soil with the mosquito bits first. In addition, line the edges of the pots with yellow sticky traps. The adults are attracted to the yellow color. I found the adult gnats hang around the edges of the pot, so you will capture the most by lining your pots there with the traps. The yellow sticky paper captures the adults so they can't lay more eggs in the soil and the mosquito bits kill the larvae already in the soil. I am not sure you will be successful if using the mosquito bits alone. The traps were integral in not only capturing the adults but being able to monitor how bad the infestation was and if the bits were working. After about a month, the yellow sticky traps went from having hundreds of fungus gnats on them to less than 20. I went from using huge sheets of sticky traps to much smaller traps over time. 1.5 months later the traps are fungus gnat free. I don't have fungus gnats flying around the plants or house. This product is a safe and effective way to treat fungus gnats! 5This product works to kill fungus gnat larvae in your potted plants, but it took almost a month.The description for this product says that it works fast, within 24 hours. While there may be some indiscernible activity within 24 hours, it took over 3 weeks for it to wipe out the fungus gnat infestation in my house plants. By "wipe out", I mean little to no flies flying around my plants when I shake them and disturb the soil.I purchased some potting soil at the big box on sale and started a bunch of seeds, transplanted some plants to larger pots, etc for the garden window in the kitchen. After a few weeks I realized why it was on sale- it was infested with fungus gnat larvae that started to hatch by the hundreds. I didn't really realize how bad it was until my seedlings and other plants started to die because the larvae were eating the roots. By the time I got my arms around it, the garden window was a complete swarm.I bought sticky strips for the plants and to hang in the window and completely filled them with gnats within a day or two- another gnat could not fit on them. I took the plants out to the garage and gently blew them off with compressed air to get the adult gnats out and leave them outside. And, I added this product to the soil. Nothing happened for the first couple of weeks, I'd shake the plant and a swarm of flies came up- it seemed that they were still hatching and laying eggs. I was convinced that it was not working. I eventually decided to soak some of the granules in water to dissolve the bacteria into the water, then water the plants with that liquid.Not sure whether it just took 3 weeks for it to work, or if making the tea and adding that to the soil did the trick, but as of today, 3 1/2 weeks later, there are only one or two stragglers left flying around, when there were literally thousands a month ago. Getting rid of the adults and killing the larvae are both critical, I think, and give it a month.Now, as I re-pot and start new herb seeds, I'm mixing these granules into the soil as a preventative to kill any larvae before they get started. 4Mosquito Bits = No More Gnat Flies!Hundreds of gnat flies had surrounded my indoor plants, and I was in a desperate search for a "quick fix". Truth be told, in my experience, there is no such thing as a quick fix. If you want to get rid of your gnat infestation, you are really going to have to buckle down, be patient, and be diligent with your treatments. During my gnat infestation odyssey I had tried countless remedies, but none did the trick. In comes Mosquito Bits! The 8-ounce bottle comes with more than enough bits to treat the thirty potted plants that I have and after using Mosquito Bits in conjunction with other products for 3 weeks, my gnat fly infestation was gone!During my infestation, I used the following methods to try and rid my plants of gnat flies:- Cups of Wine/Juice/Beer with lemon soap (only killed small percentage of flies -- but couldn't hurt)- Yellow Fly Paper (more than anything provided a visual of the dispersion of gnat flies around my plants)- WorryFree Pest Control Powder (awesome at wiping out adult flies)- Fan (to dry out top layer of soil)None of the above mentioned methods worked - however, when done in conjunction with Mosquito Bits, I was able to conquer the swarm of gnat flies that had taken over my precious plants! Where the above mentioned methods failed, Mosquito Bits succeeded. In retrospect, the methods mentioned above only killed ADULT gnat flies - which is why I absolutely LOVE Mosquito Bits. Using these little bits, in conjunction with other products let me eradicate my gnat fly infestation because I was killing them at all points of their life cycle simultaneously, without giving them time to rejuvenate their population.If I had to go through this ordeal again, I would have started my treatment with Mosquito Bits sooner. From my experience, the best way to go about treating your plants with Mosquito Bits is to:1) Sparsely sprinkle the bits around the top soil of your plants (I used a density of ~7 bits per cubic inch)2) Before watering put 1 teaspoon of bits in watering can and let it sit for 5 minutes3) Water plants as needed4) Ensure fan stays on plants after watering to dry out top layer of soil5) Repeat steps 2-4 every time you water your plantThat cap on the Mosquito Bits bottle actually came in handy during application - it has one side for sprinkling, and the other has a wide opening for a spoon (see attached picture). I'm very happy with the results I got with Mosquito Bits, and it was well worth the buy. If you have a gnat infestation, and are on the fence about buying this product, buy with confidence - this stuff really works. 5NO-GNAT TEAI bought this for "fungus gnats", those awful critters that appear from nowhere and fly up your nose. Who knows how they got in your house, maybe they snuck in on a plant you bought at WMart and then spread to all your other indoor plants. NO-GNAT TEA:Cover the bottom of a plastic jug with a layer of these bits (probably a good tbsp) and pour a kettle of boiling water over them. Steep for an hour, then add water to fill the jug. Stir it around to be sure the pizen is mixed throughout the water. When it's time to water your plant, always use this tea, don't use any regular water. (I like to avoid the bits, so I use a baster to squirt the tea over the plant's soil.) I've been doing this for about 4 weeks and I'm down to seeing a gnat maybe once every few days. Before, it was many gnats every day. It's an easy routine and what a relief to not have those nasty tiny demons flying in my face. I'm hoping eventually my beautiful plants will be 100% gnat free. And I'm not buying any new house plants ever again! 5Safe for carnivorous plantsBrought home a store bought clearance houseplant and stupidly put it right next to my carnivorous plant set up, something I regretted the next day when I saw a couple of fungus gnats leaping from plant to plant. Sure enough, within a week the fungus gnats population was quite literally hopping around. While my ever-vigilant sundew and Venus fly trap plants munched on the gnats they could trap, there were more bugs than they could deal with.Carnivorous plants generally evolved in nutrient poor soil and a lot of sprays or solutions (organic or otherwise) that you can use freely on other plants are a no-no for carnivores. A popular online carniverous plant group swore by using mosquito dunks to take care of fungus gnats, so I decided to give it a try.For carnivorous plants, either sprinkle these on top of the soil and then top water for a couple of weeks, or if you have your plants in standing water, just add the dunks to the water trays. Do the gnats die right away? No--it takes a couple of weeks and for a while I thought maybe it wasn't working. But the dunks slowly killed the gnat larvae while the sundews and fly traps slowly ate through the adults, and with no more interference from me, our gnat problem was completely gone within a month. Hopefully I don't need to use this again anytime soon, but if I do, there's still a ton left in the jar. I believe I treated about 20 plants in 4" pots. A great value. 5Good riddence fungus gnatsI let this sit in water before adding it to my plants and it has helped me get rid of fungus gnats. After a couple of days the water started to smell like a lake that is turning, and that let me know the bacteria grew in it. I also used garden safe pesticide on the soil to help kill gnats as they emerge or try to lay eggs. I placed sticky traps on the soil to collect some as they land. Let your plant soil get dry between watering. It took me almost a month for me to get rid of a severe infestation. I do not think this alone will eliminate a fungus gnat problem, but it will be an integral part of their removal. I tried biological methods to kill the larvae and none of them worked.I would not recommend letting the granules sit on the soil. When I did that a lot of them grew mold and had to be removed. 5Fungus Gnats Dead! (How I used the product...)It killed my fungus gnats. And I had a lot of them. I didn't realize how bad it was until I had dead gnats ALL OVER my room, thanks to this stuff. It was disgusting. So warning to whoever uses, it kills the gnats but they will fly out of the flower pot and land somewhere to die. I had to use two rounds of this stuff to kill them all. I put a few tablespoons in a pitcher of water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I poured it all over the soil of my potted plant. But concentrated on the stem. That's where the gnats really hangout so I assumed most of the larva are.The first time I did it, I checked back the next day after work and that's when I was shocked to find tiny dead gnats everywhere. They were smaller than what I'm used to seeing, so I'm assuming they were recently larva.I still had some gnats flying around and knew I had to completely stop the cycle to be effective. About 4 days later, I made a fresh batch and watered the plant again. But I covered my huge fiddle leaf fig's pot with a garbage bag (only the pot from the bottom up) and sealed it tightly. If they were going to die, they would die in the bag. I was not going to wash everything in my room again.After a few days I removed the bag and saw just a few more gnats left. I scrapped off the top layer of wet, moldy soil and replaced it with clean, dry soil. After a day, those last gnats were gone.It's a process but it works and saves your plant. Good luck! 5I had positive results with Mosquito Bits to get rid of fungus gnatsI had positive results with Mosquito Bits to get rid of fungus gnats.Our gnat problem started to get bad - we usually had a few buzzing around our face, and the yellow sticky traps became covered with them in no time.For the regular watering cycle, I soaked the bits in some warm water (tried to give them a one hour soak). I watered the plants with regular water, and then gave each one about a cup of the bits water.Immediate decline in the gnats after one treatment.The next water cycle, I repeated the process.After several weeks, I'm seeing one or two gnats on some yellow sticky traps but many of the traps have no gnats.So if you are struggling with fungus gnats, give this a try. 5
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